Mariah Carey talks to Robin Roberts on GMA

Mariah spoke with Robin this morning on GMA about family, health and how hard it is to talk about the loss of Whitney Houston.

When asked about Whitney, Mariah Carey said that it was still hard for her to discuss it.  She went on to say that it was great working with Whitney.

Now, I’m sure we all peeped those peep toe Louboutins she was wearing.  Gorge!!!!!

It’s written all over her face that being a mom is a joy when she says, “we love those babies,” a statement she made a couple times throughout her interview. Speaking of the love moms have for their children.

There’s no doubt that the past year has been challenging with the health issues she faced during her pregnancy and Nick’s mild kidney failure.  Mariah said we need to focus on our health and she’s doing that by working out, spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and The American Heart Association.

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