Star Jones Returns To The View

5 years later, Star Jones returns to the view. It was clear that although Barbara Walters and Star Jones have cleared the air in personal conversation, there was still some unresolved issues concerning, Jones’ exiting the view. When Star announced not returning to The View in June of 2006, the cast wasn’t aware that she would announce it on the air. Walters clarified that Jones’ contract wasn’t renewed and they were willing to protect her and allow her to decide on a proper exit.  However, Jones announced it without the cast & staff knowing she was going to do so.

Heart To Heart

Star also spoke about her heart & health issues. Barbara Walters & Star Jones received heart surgery within months of each other. She expressed the importance of removing salt from our diet & exercise. Honestly, I would have loved to hear her speak more, but the cast felt the need to speak over their guest. She also said  she willing called the American Heart Association to offer her volunteer services.

The View recapped some of Jones’ video clips and seeing the progress she has made with losing weight, 307 lbs the day of her Gastric surgery, you can only be proud of her taking control of her health.

In closing Star congratulated the cast members on their accomplishments and handed them all a gift in a red velour bag which was holding a black bracelet detailed with a heart.

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